Aesthetic fillings are tooth-colored, which give the teeth a more natural look when treating decay and other such problems on the teeth.
While in the past it was common to use amalgam black fillings, today they are no longer acceptable, from an aesthetic point of view, but also the substance from which it is made from can be harmful to human health. It is therefore advisable to replace them with new ones.
The white fillings are produced from composite resins and do not contain substances (metals, mercury, etc.) that are harmful to human health.
Aesthetic fillings are the ideal solution when no significant reconstruction of the tooth is needed, but it is important that the healed tooth regains the appearance of natural teeth.
Aesthetic function aside, the use of composite aesthetic fillings also dramatically reduces the possibility of decay to reappear, returning to its natural state of robustness.
The use of white fillings also protects the natural teeth because, to be fixed, it is necessary to sacrifice a very small proportion of healthy tooth.
In fact, they are shaped and fixed in such a way as to respond perfectly to the “bite” of the patient.
Therefore a tooth-coloured filling restores teeth back to their natural health and beautiful appearance.
This procedure is carried out by the dentist during a single visit with a totally painless technique.